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A writer who flies, or perhaps a pilot who writes - about aviation's past, present, and future. Adept in both the technical and the personal, Christopher Freeze "has laptop, will travel" to research, document, write, and share amazing stories from the skies and its people.

Christopher specializes in safety and security topics, in addition to historical research and documentation.

Christopher Freeze is also known for his aeronautical feats, including setting the Guinness World Record for the longest distance performing a 'wheelie' in an airplane, flying airmail, and excellence in airmanship.

Latest Article

ALPA@90: Accident Investigation

"Three years after ALPA’s founding, Capt. David Behncke, then the Association’s president, departed from Chicago, Ill., on Dec. 21, 1934, on his regular run. After flying 10 minutes westward, his aircraft’s engines failed although his cockpit instruments still registered normal..."

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