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Business & Editorial  Consulting

All of Christopher Freeze's experience has resulted in an unparalleled resource for those interested in business upstarts and growth in the aviation sector.


Connected to some of the most influential leaders in the industry, both in the public and private sectors, he has worked with regulators, stakeholders, and end-users to establish a proven track record, while maintaining completely client confidentiality.


Having lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area in nearly 20 years, Christopher relocated to the National Capital region in 2016. Living near Washington DC means having access to subject-matter experts and professional advice from around the world.


Christopher also is an experienced book editor, having helped several authors turn their pages of "I'm not a writer" prose into polished and publisher-ready manscripts worthy of an audience. He is also an accomplished public affairs and public relations specialist.


To contact Christopher, click here to e-mail him - and ask how can he help you advance your idea to the next level together.


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